Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management

In today’s interconnected business landscape, your organization’s risk and compliance landscape isn’t just an internal matter. Your responsibility extends beyond your immediate operations to include the actions of third-party vendors. At Digital Move, we understand that third-party risk management is an integral component of an organization’s overall risk strategy. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive approach that ensures your third-party collaborations are as secure and compliant as your internal processes.
Understanding Third-Party Risk

Third-party risk management is about analyzing, controlling, and monitoring risks presented by external vendors, partners, or collaborators. In essence, it’s the lens through which you view and manage external partnerships, ensuring they align with your organization’s risk tolerance and compliance objectives.

Digital Move's Lifecycle Approach to Third-Party Risk Management:

Requirement Analysis

First and foremost, we identify your organization’s specific objectives, be it policies, standards, or unique compliance needs. This foundational step ensures our approach is tailor-made to your unique risk profile.

Strategic Planning

We align essential resources, designate roles and responsibilities, and set the course for comprehensive risk assessments. Our team centralizes essential data like third-party catalogues, MSA’s, and engagement metrics, ensuring transparency and accessibility throughout the process.


To ensure efficiency, third-party vendors are categorized based on specific requirements. By reducing redundancy in questionnaires, we expedite assessment timelines and streamline communication.

Assessment Execution

Through a meticulous risk assessment exercise, we gauge both compliance and risk scores. By assigning tailored questionnaires to the respective vendor points of contact, we ensure accurate data collection. Our risk-based segmentation model further enhances accuracy, letting us categorize third parties and prioritize monitoring effectively.

Remediation and Action

Post-assessment, our focus shifts to rectifying identified issues. Vendors receive comprehensive feedback and actionable insights to address any concerns. This step not only bridges gaps but also fortifies the vendor relationship, promoting collaborative growth.

Consistent Monitoring

Our engagement doesn’t end at assessment. We engage in ongoing monitoring, comparing current and past assessments to track performance improvements and mitigate risks consistently.

Why Choose Digital Move for Third-Party Risk Management?

The decision to onboard a third-party vendor is as critical as any internal business strategy. As the digital world evolves, the layers of interconnectedness and external dependencies increase, making third-party risk management crucial for any organization’s health and security. Here’s why Digital Move is your ideal partner in navigating this intricate landscape:

Proven Lifecycle Approach

Unlike traditional models, our lifecycle approach addresses third-party risk management holistically, covering every phase — from initial planning and requirement analysis to continuous monitoring.

Efficiency through Innovation

Reducing redundancies, streamlining questionnaires, and employing risk-based segmentation are just some of the innovative strategies we employ to ensure our risk assessment is thorough yet efficient.

Continuous Engagement

Our commitment doesn't end with a one-time assessment. We believe in the power of consistent monitoring, ensuring that you're always a step ahead in managing potential risks.

Transparent Communication

With Digital Move, there are no surprises. We maintain transparent communication throughout the process, ensuring you are always in the loop and confident about your third-party engagements.

Bespoke Solutions

We recognize that every organization is unique, and so are its third-party engagements. Our solutions are tailor-made, ensuring that your specific risk and compliance needs are met, no corners cut.

Action-Oriented Remediation

Instead of just highlighting issues, we work with your vendors, providing actionable feedback and insights. This not only bridges gaps swiftly but also strengthens your third-party relationships, fostering a collaborative growth mindset.

Expertise and Experience

Our team comprises industry veterans with rich experience in third-party risk management across diverse sectors. Their expertise ensures that your third-party risk management is both strategic and grounded in real-world scenarios.

Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of our approach is an unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether it's the tools we use, the strategies we employ, or the relationships we build, excellence is our consistent benchmark.

Navigating the intricacies of third-party risk can be daunting, but with Digital Move, it becomes an opportunity — an opportunity to build stronger, secure, and compliant external partnerships.

Trust Digital Move to be your guiding light in the complex realm of third-party risk management.