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Digital Move: Redefining Cybersecurity & Data Governance Globally

Digital Move, established in 2010 and proudly ISO 27001 certified, is a pioneer in Data Management and Cybersecurity. Our core philosophy revolves around safeguarding Business Data and enhancing Cyber resilience by forging strong partnerships with our clients. We are dedicated to bolstering businesses by ensuring superior Data quality and robust security, shielding their infrastructure against advanced Cyber-attacks. Our approach combines expert Advisory and Consulting services with the latest technological innovations.

Since our foundation, Digital Move has stood as a guiding light in the realms of Data Governance and Cybersecurity. Our role extends beyond mere protection of business data; we engage in strategic collaborations with our clients, preparing them to face the dynamic challenges of the digital age. Our mission is clear: to empower businesses with unrivaled data integrity, enhanced security measures, and advanced defense mechanisms against complex cyber threats. Leveraging our consulting acumen and technological advancements, we provide a sense of security in this interconnected world.

Additionally, we are recognized with NCA certification, further solidifying our commitment to excellence in the field of Cybersecurity and Data Management.


Our vision is to become one of the top Advisory Services and Solution provider of choice.


Our mission is to enable our clients to secure their business through innovative ideas, trusted advice, technical knowledge and quality of service and to build a great place to work for, that attracts, develops and retains great people

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Where Our Expertise Thrives

From Banking to Telecom, FMCG to Government sectors, our presence resonates across diverse industry verticals. Whether you’re in Fintech, Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, or Education, Digital Move is your partner in crafting a fortified digital landscape. We’re here to ensure every sector reaps the rewards of top-tier cybersecurity and data governance.


Data Governance

This service aims to manage and ensure the quality, availability, usability, integrity, and security of data within an organization. Through data governance, Digital Move helps companies establish clear responsibilities for data processing and promotes transparency.



A pivotal service in today’s digital age, Digital Move offers a protective umbrella against cyber threats. They ensure that a business’s digital infrastructure—be it software, networks, or systems—is safeguarded against breaches, unauthorized access, and other cyber risks.


Advisory & Consulting Services

Digital Move partners with businesses to offer expert guidance on a range of IT-related challenges. From formulating strategies to mitigating risks, these services are aimed at bolstering a company’s digital and operational foundations.


State-of-the-Art Technological Solutions

The digital realm evolves constantly, with new threats and challenges emerging daily. Digital Move stays ahead of the curve, integrating the latest technological advancements to offer clients superior protection and efficient data management.

To get a deeper understanding or specific details about each service, you'd typically consult the company's service descriptions or reach out to them directly for a consultation.

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